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Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready to launch or rebrand your small business or nonprofit? If so, you want to find the right designer the first time. There is nothing more frustrating than not realizing you hired the wrong designer until it’s too late. My experience in ad agencies, design studios and the in-house design group for one of the world’s largest nonprofits has prepared me to help you navigate and fine tune your creative vision and message.

MCM Fund

The Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund (MCM Fund) has been supporting the good works of Oregonians for over 40 years. Check out the newly rebranded website. A case study is coming soon to show you print and signage.

Kids Beyond Borders

The mission of Kids Beyond Borders is to give kids educational travel experiences that encourage them to discover and explore the world around them. I was involved from the creation of this business, creating their name, tagline, logo, and branded look.

Child Health Now Report

Child Health Now was World Vision’s first global advocacy campaign, launched in 2009, leading the effort to achieve lasting progress in child and maternal health.

World Vision's TRIBE Activity Guide

TRIBE is a youth group activity guide used by youth leaders during the 30 Hour Famine designed to help kids learn about hunger around the world.

Vintage HiFi Nut

Vintage HiFi Nut makes apparel for audio gearheads. For people passionate about music and vintage audio gear. It’s about the lifestyle, and taking care of your audio system and music media.

Tandon Institute

Tandon Institute is a team of seasoned professionals that support for-profit and non-profits in the social sector by providing strategic solutions that bring change.

World Vision's 30 Hour Famine

The 30 Hour Famine is a youth program at World Vision that supports youth leaders around the country looking for events that help kids learn about hunger.

Axiom Equities

Axiom Equities is a strategic real estate firm dedicated to growing and preserving wealth through the purchase of high quality, income-producing real estate.

Ways to hire me.


Project-based work is based on a hourly rate. Some projects require a flat rate to optimize value. Projects can be as simple as a single item, or a campaign with multiple deliverables.


Most of my work is currently client-based. This means I fill the role of “in-house agency” and provide all creative support for web and print. There are no set hours scheduled.


Creative direction for your brand and marketing communications for a project, campaign, or your entire brand. Consulting can be hourly, project-based, or monthly.