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Analytical Thinker, Storyteller, Designer, Advocate and more.

Spangler Creative is me, Matt Spangler, and over the years, I have worked at agencies in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles, and Seattle. So I bring the experience of working in pressurized situations on big budget projects and campaigns. Those years have equipped me to be efficient and smart with how I work. You don’t have money to waste, so it’s important to cut through the clutter and find the best design and marketing solutions for your business.

I have two filters for accepting new work. First, I have to know I am the right fit. Second, I need to be able to share your passion for what you do. You will never end up with what you need if you work with design agencies that don’t share your passion. No project is too small or insignificant. When big projects require all hands on deck, I pull together hardcore talented pros to cover every need from copywriter/editors, photographers, illustrators, web developers, and SEO specialists.

I work direct with companies and offer freelance support for design agencies. I like to mix it up, and working in a variety of ways on different types of projects is a good way to keep my ideas fresh, do great work and have some fun along the way.

My minimum project fee is $500. I am open to working on flat fees, or hourly. My goal is to make sure we both get a fair shake.

Just email or call me to learn more. If I can ask a favor. When you contact me, please tell me enough about your business that I can easily see you are for real. I appreciate that!

Oh, and a heads up. I have a second business called Vintage HiFi Nut, using the same phone. So if you hear me answering as “Hey it’s Matt at Vintage HiFi Nut” or something along those lines, don’t freak out. Most of my calls are to that retail business.

Matt Spangler
Creative Director + Designer

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