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Tandon Institute

Tandon Institute is a team of seasoned professionals that support for-profit and non-profit in the social sector. They provide solutions with expert strategy and execution, as well as empower senior leadership teams. I was approached to create a website using existing branding established with only a logo. They had no web presence which made this an important project.

My roles included creative direction, project management, web design (UX/UI), and front-end development. Once the site was launched, I also become their IT department. I am effectively their in-house creative department.

The site has a clean and simple look, which was a primary goal. A large part of this process was creating relevant content and guiding the process in a way that clearly explains their work to potential clients. I created the “bridge concept” as it illustrates the role Tandon plays in bridging the gap between where clients are and where they want to be to achieve their goals.

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For the past few years, Matt has served as our in-house creative director/web designer. From our first meeting, we knew Matt was the best fit for our needs. He is a good partner — attentive to our needs and quick to respond whether it be a simple question, or a significant site update we need done quickly. The impact is faster, cheaper and better quality results! We rely on him as a high-impact partner, and look forward to building our work of accelerating social enterprises with him on our team.

Atul Tandon

Founder & Chairman, Tandon Institute