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TRIBE Youth Group Activity Guide



TRIBE is a youth group activity guide used by youth leaders during the 30 Hour Famine. The 30 Hour Famine is a youth program at World Vision that supports youth leaders across the country to help kids learn about hunger around the world. Each year a different theme was selected by the client. I was working full time in the Creative Solutions department of World Vision US at the time and for several years, I was responsible for all design, illustration, and production on this project.

The cover of this guide is an illustration I created in Photoshop to portray some of the damage that occurred during the Haiti earthquake. We didn’t have any images that were close to what was in my head, so I had to use over 20 stock images of pavement and street markings in order to achieve the right look, using over 70 layers.

The guide has six challenges (activities), survival map, challenge cards, and identity cards for each of the five tribes in the game. One of my favorite parts of the guide were the identity cards. I introduced the idea of the cards looking like “trading cards” with detailed information on the back side that talks about each unique child and their health condition. The front side has their name, the name of their tribe, their gender and age.

Deliverable: printed 32-page activity guide

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